Save By Using Gator Base!

In most cases using Gator Base can save you money!, ask us how.


Peartree Property Services has been using Gator Base in Ottawa for three years now without a single issue. We were one of the first Ottawa landscaping companies to use this product. We have installed over 6000 sq ft of Gator Base since. Contact us if you are planning a patio or walkway.  
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Before and Afters Using Gator Base

This backyard was VERY difficult to access in the downtown Ottawa area on a dead end street. Parking a truck and trailer and the usual equipment was out of the question. Gator Base was the solution for  this project.
This Gator Base project below is now in its third winter with ZERO movement!
The original red pavers were replaced with Unilock Brussels.
Gator Base was used in this commercial project downtown Ottawa on Catherine St.
The river rock that was there was considered a hazard so it was all replaced with hardscaping to match the building design.