Heated Walkways and Driveways

 Installing a heated driveway is a great investment in your home that can raise the value of your property and never have to shovel snow again. Snow melting systems are not limited to new projects. Existing driveways can be retrofitted with a NoSnow system. 
Think about a NoSnow system before re-asphalting your driveway. 
 Each project varies, so contact us today and discuss the options for heating your driveway or walkway in Ottawa. You may be surprised by the many options that are available.

Our walkways and driveways are constructed using only the best materials, there is no stonedust guaranteed in any part of the process. Stonedust is the reason for many failures in our climate. We use clearstone with geo synthetic stabilizing grids and fabrics and commercial grade resin joints to create a permeable system for all seasons. Say no to snow with a NoSnow system.

Heated Driveways
Heated Walkways

This shows the strength of your new hardscape with the materials we use.
 Do it once, Do it right!