Paver Brick Repair And Restoration

That new paver patio or walkway looks great now, but over time regular wear, dirt and weeds take their toll on pavers. Regular maintenance keeps your outdoor interlocking stone area looking nice while preventing damage, like cracking and shifting of the individual pavers. Cleaning, sealing and weed control are the main components of a paver maintenance plan. The upfront work of maintaining the pavers saves you the hard work of relaying the pavers down the road.

One of our specialties at Peartree Property Services is the repair and re-installation of paver brick patios and walkways. Paver brick repair is becoming more and more common, usually due to improper installation by a homeowner or inexperienced contractor. Paver brick repair is a specialty service that should be left to the professionals. Paver brick patio repair is a specialty for several reasons, but mostly due to the knowledge that is required to identify the cause of the failure and to recommend the best repair method.

Our Peace Of Mind Maintenance Program will keep your pavers looking great and take the work and worries out of your hands.  With a maintenance program, we do the following services as required once annually in the spring. 

-A thorough cleaning 

which includes eliminating mould, moss, mildew, and efflorescence removal. Plus we remove any stains including oil.

-Eliminate weed growth

-Touch up any polymeric sand gaps

-Make repairs if necessary 

Sealant is offered on our first maintenance visit. Sealant should not be applied for at least 60 days after an installation. One year is best to allow any efflorescence to come to the surface.

Minimum rates apply.


Types of Failure

  • Wavy surface
  • Sunken surface
  • Chipped or Broken
  • Low areas developed
  • Separation
  • Edges sinking
  • Bricks rising
  • Loose or rocking brick
  • Salt damage
  • Improper joint sand installation

Top Reasons Interlock Projects Fail

  • Poorly compacted sub-base
  • Wrong base material
  • No geo-textile fabric or Geo-grid
  • Erosion of base
  • Poor drainage or no drainage
  • Poor quality brick pavers
  • Poor installation
  • Lack of edge restraint
  • Freeze/thaw cycle

What Does Interlocking Brick Repair Cost?

Repairing interlocking brick can be a couple of hundred dollars or can be in the thousands, depending upon the situation and the failure. Replacing an entire patio is expensive, replacing just the failing sections (if possible) is the ideal situation. The reason for the high cost of repairing an entire patio is the  time involved. The time to remove and clean the existing brick and dig out the base, and then install a correct one. Most repairs are in the range of $10 per square foot.

In some cases we will recommend going with new pavers for an updated look for a few extra dollars per square foot like the photo below.