Warranty And Terms

The expectation that your landscape will perform as intended is covered by general warranties. Plants, lawns, electrical, plumbing and hardscapes, patios, walkways, driveways, and other products, react to their natural environment and lifespan for different reasons. Proper care, periodic inspection and maintenance  are the best courses of action to ensure a long-lasting and even more beautiful landscape over time. Our general warranties are intended to ensure that the work we perform is free from defects and meet the absolute highest quality standards. They also identify most normal risk associated with customized installations that are alive, growing and subject to a variety of external and environmental factors.

Most problems with plants or with any part of the landscape installation will appear within a few weeks or occasionally within a few months.


Trees and Shrubs: We will perform one replacement within one year from original installation. This covers any trees or shrub that die, provided it has had proper care and watering. Parts of a plant may die as a normal reaction to transplanting. An injured plant will be pruned and/or trained if there is reasonable expectation that it will return to normal over time. Trees and shrubs planted in pots or raised planters are excluded from warranty because they are exposed to unnaturally harsh conditions and soil temperatures. There is no warranty for plants that have not received proper care or plants damaged mechanically or by events of nature, animals or insects/disease.

Perennials, Ground covers and Roses: There is no warranty for perennials, ground covers or roses. Even though many of these plants are considered “hardy” in our climate zone, they are more susceptible to changing environmental factors at any time in their life cycle, especially in a new landscape. The best prevention from loss over winter is winter protection or mulching according to the specific type of plant. Winter protection during the first year is highly recommended.
Annual Flowers and Seasonal Colour: There is no warranty for annuals. Survival is dependent upon proper care and watering.

We are not responsible for damages incured to private hidden underground utilities that have not been marked by the home owner

We are responsible for locating and any damages to underground public utilities (water,sewer,gas,hydro,phone,cable)

Workmanship: 2 years

All of our work is installed according to the highest level of craftsmanship in the industry. Plantings, soil preparation and turf installation are done in a horticultural correct method. Grading and drainage perform to the limits they were designed. Patios and walkways are installed according to the manufactures suggestions or better. We will repair any workmanship related problems that you report to us within 2 years of installation. Damage to our work is not covered. We are responsible for the correction of our immediate work only and not for the conditions that may have been caused. We are not responsible for the repairs to our work that is the result of settling and eavestroughs / downspouts directly pouring runoff on to the work, 

Romex RSG 10 year warranty.

When your hardscape has benn installed using the Romex RSG system, you can rest assured that your hardscape is buit to last not just 10 years but a lifetime. The RSG system is a subgrade buildup of cement bedding and jint materials meant to allow water through, yet drive a firetruck on. Check out the Romex website for more info on this amazing product.

Concrete and Masonry:

Custom masonry provides a three-month warranty on all new brick and flagstone installation with a new concrete foundation. A three-month warranty on all new concrete work as well as repairs to existing flagstone and brick work or paving over existing concrete with flagstone pavers or brick.

Included in warranty:

  • Deteriorated  joints
  • Loose stones or bricks
  • Concrete work (any crack wider than 1 inch) areas will be patched and repaired, not replaced

Not included in warranty:

  • Deterioration of joints or masonry surfaces due to over exposure from water, mold, fungus and fire.
  • Use of any chemical to clear or remove ice or snow from surface
  • Partial or complete collapsing of the structure from any act of nature, including lightning, tornado, flood, fire, etc.
  • Cracking in masonry surfaces due to settling, shifting, abuse from new construction by location of new work
  • Collision (human or mechanical)
  • Improper use of structure (heavy machinery or large vehicles)
  • Concrete Work: Hairline cracks, or slab shifting due to water, snow exposure and de-icing agents
  • The area four feet out from a new build foundation is not covered due to home builder back fill practices.

Hardscape Materials:

Manufactured products are covered under the warranty of the manufacturer or the supplier as applicable. Natural products are guaranteed to be defect-free at installation. Cracking efflorescence and shaling of natural and manufactured stone is beyond our control and is a characteristic of some materials. Labour is not included under warranty for the correction of defective material manufactured or supplied by others.

Shifting and Settling

It is common for some shifting to occur over time. This is not a sign of poor workmanship,there is simply no way to prevent sub-grade settling and root growth.We help minimize these effects but cannot eliminate them. Please note, With the systems and products we use, this is a very rare occurence. We DO NOT use stone dust or A gravel, we believe this is the #1 cause of shifting and settling in the hardscape industry. 

Frost Heave

We cannot warranty against any frost heaving, there are too many factors beyond our control to be able to eliminate frost heave. We do install with the intention to minimize it as much as possible.

 Frost heave requires these three things for it to take place

Very cold temperatures, standing water below the surface (not frozen), Frost susceptible soil / gravel

Remove one of them and it does not happen. This is why we install a clearstone base, it is not frost susceptible, however frost can penetrate up to four feet in extreme winters and we do not install four foot deep bases.

Specialty Items and Accessories:

Manufacturers’ warranties apply to their products (lights, fountains, pumps, furniture, TV’s, stereo equipment, etc). Labour is not included under warranty for the repair or replacement of specialty items.

Buried or Obscured Obstructions:

We contact the Ontario One Call hotline to locate all public utilities present on your property. We are responsible for their protection and repair if we damage them. We are not responsible for your “private” utilities that you have not specifically identified and accurately located for us. Examples include: irrigation and lighting lines, septic lines, drain tile, invisible dog fence, private gas lines for pools, grills and other appliances.


We will take all necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary delays with respect to your landscape project. The owner/client hereby acknowledges that we are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control. For example, severe weather, availability or late delivery of products, strikes, and/or failure of other sub-contractors of the owner/client to complete other necessary work prior to project start.

The owner/client agree that there may be a minor variation in color between the colour samples advertised and the actual colour of the product installed due to production times or natural processes. If the contracted material design, pattern, colour or size change at the request of the client and the products need to be reordered or returned, a restocking fee of 35% of the returned product will be charged.


We carry liability insurance in the amount of 5 million dollars along with coverage for all employees under WSIB workers compensation. We do upon request, provide a certificate of insurance.

Termination of Contract:

Peartree Property Services is guaranteed compensation for products ordered and services performed up to the point of notification if owner/client decides to terminate the contract at any point of completion over the period of contracted work.


Any deviation from the payment schedule can result in halting the construction project till payments are on track and up-to-date.
All warranties are void if payment on your account is not current. Payments- 1/3 deposit on signing, 1/3 on delivery of materials, 1/3 on completion.


Owner/Client allows Peartree Property Services to photograph the site before, during, and after (up to one year later) the completion of the project, resulting in materials for promotion and documentation.

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